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Embroidered workwear is now an essential part of the marketing mix. In this age of advertising and promotion, it is important to make the first impressions count. Embroidered clothes are the perfect way to establish a corporate identity for your business or sports clubs. It gives your clothing a professional finish that will last the lifetime of your garment.  Embroidery cannot be beaten for quality and resilience.

At Print Xpress, we aim to offer high quality embroidered logos and designs, at reasonable prices, with the highest standard of customer service. All of our embroidery is completed in-house, which allows us complete quality control over your garments. We use Toyota/Tajima embroidery machines, one of the best in the industry and only the highest quality Madeira threads, allowing us to create quality embroidered logos/designs time after time.

Embroidery is also long lasting, so it’s great for work uniforms and sports kit where the garment might get a lot of use, making embroidered workwear a great practical choice for your clothing, embroidered polo shirts being our best seller.

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What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the application of a logo or design on to clothing using computerised embroidery machines. The logo is embroidered on to the fabric of the garment, ensuring it will not wash or fade. Some designs may need to be modified slightly before they can be embroidered. For example, small text below 4-5mm may need enlarging to make it readable and very fine detail

may need editing to achieve the best overall look. Embroidery is a great way to get your logo onto a garment, it lasts forever and washes up very well.


As well as embroidery for business, we also offer personalised embroidery i.e. baby blankets, towels, dressing gowns etc. And customised car/tractor/lorry jackets & hoodies are made to order - please ask for more info. 

How It Works.

To start with we need to digitise your design. This involves laying stitches over your logo to create an embroidered version, and this is done using specialised computer software. We will digitise your artwork/logo into an embroidery format for a one-time fee of £ 20 - £25. We will have your logo on file forever after that, so you will never pay that fee again. If you just want a name or text embroidered, then there is no set-up fee.

​All garments are priced with an embroidered logo as standard, front left chest size. Larger back designs, or multiple logos onto sleeves etc. will be charged extra. Please email us for a quote. If you would like personalised initials or names onto your garment, we can do so for a small surcharge also.

We also offer Vinyl Transfer and Screen Printing.

What makes a good personalised embroidered clothing company?


Quick and simple reasons to choose Print Xpress:

  • We keep our work in house. If you place an order with us you can rest assured that it will actually be completed by us. It is quite common for companies to outsource a little (or a lot) of their work, meaning that your actual embroidery may be done by someone else entirely. This can slow your order’s progress, add to the cost and give you differing quality results. By keeping our work in house, we are able to keep costs low and ensure the quality of your order every time.

  • We only use Tajima embroidery machines, the best in the industry, ensuring quality results every time.

  • We give you options. At Print Xpress, we offer both an embroidery and printing service, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs. You won’t find us pushing you into an embroidered design if you had your heart set on printing, or vice versa (but we will always be on hand to advise you along the way).

  • We have an extensive range of products/clothing/quality workwear to choose from.

  • We’ll always be upfront with you. We will always keep you informed of your order’s progress and when you can expect to receive it. If a problem does arise with your order, we will let you know right away and give you all your options with how to go ahead.

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